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Cynthia Wihardja
Business Accelerator | The Brave Zone
6th January 2020
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If you're a coach, a consultant, or any type of service professional, you're in fact marketing yourself.  And although it is great to learn from others, it is probably more important to learn more about yourself, your style and how to authentically project your uniqueness. 

Copying other people's strategies may frustrate you, especially if the person you are emulating is very different in style & personality. 

There are several things to consider when you want to find your uniqueness and build your business based on your strengths.  Here are 3 questions to start with:   

1. What type of a person do you enjoy being? 

Yes, I believe you CAN be everything if you set your mind to it, but what do you ENJOY being?  Here's an example: In my coaching firm in Indonesia, one of our coaches is very introverted.  If you see her on stage giving a talk, you may feel bored or un-inspired. But she is structured and great at one-to-one interactions.  Her clients grow and are very happy with her nurturing style.  In marketing her, I made sure she had less time on stage or no time at all.  I didn't want people to see her weakness.  In any case, speaking on stage is not her main purpose as a coach.  Instead, we chose clients for her who needed a nurturing and structured style. I think it's important for you to be honest with yourself.  Instead of trying to be like everybody, be somebody... be you.

2. How best do you give content? 

Service providers build up their credibility by making content.  Content can be done in many ways.   You need to decide what is the best way for you and how to structure your time so that you can be consistent in delivering it.  I know, I know, you're multi-talented.  You can write blogs, do videos, record podcasts.  But what platform do you enjoy most?  Which platform features you at your best?  A friend of mine is an influencer.  He is good-looking, young, and doesn't mind to be on camera.  His platform is instagram stories, because he loves design & making lessons out of what he sees in life.  His instagram stories gets thousands of likes and his reputation has soared in just a short time.  But it comes with a price.  He travels with a photographer to make sure that someone can take good quality photos of him and his environment.  Many of us cannot imagine being followed by a photographer everywhere we go, but that's just an example.  If you select "blogs" as your platform of choice, be consistent and schedule a time to write.  If you select "videos," then perhaps you need to invest in equipment and schedule a time to do them. 

3. How do you help others?

In this industry, titles are not regulated.  The title you use (ie. coach, consultant, trainer, mentor) may not be the only methodology you engage when you deal with a client.  A book called "Co-Active Coaching" advises people to "dance in the moment" and provide the clients the intervention they need in that point of time.  I believe as service providers, we need to be aware of our own style of helping people.  Some of you are great trainers, but terrible coaches, because you don't have the patience to guide people to implement what they've learned.  Some others are great advisors, but terrible at training, because your advice is intuitive rather than structured in a step-by-step way. Still others are great keynote speakers, but do not want to do coaching, because delivering that service does not fit their desired lifestyle.  We all have such diverse strengths that I do not believe that we have to compete with each other.  There is great room for collaboration.  The important thing is that you know yourselves and how best you contribute.  

This is your business and you deserve to do and be what you like. And when you follow what lights you up, you'll radiate an attractive energy to people who fall into your niche.  They will be attracted to your flow.  And because of that, you'll stand out.  When you're struggling and forcing yourself to be or do something that does not come naturally to you, it will show up as a weakness or just mediocre.  

Take time to discover your style, your uniqueness, and the niche target market that would appreciate you.  In this way, you will be one step closer to building a business that not only earns you a living, but also fulfills your life. 

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