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Sim Ilyas
Business Development Manager | Bristol Credit Union
9th September 2020
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Through MONEY@WORK Bristol Credit Union (est. 1999) provides a free financial welfare initiative for employer partners in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.  This scheme helps people improve their financial well-being through easy to implement payroll deduction measures for saving and ethical lending.

Financial welfare has never been more of a critical focus.  The average person on the street is coping with a number of anxieties, some of which are based on circumstances which are completely out of their control.  A primary objective of MONEY@WORK is to help people reduce the anxieties around money, helping them become more financially capable and secure.  

The vast majority of the people who use MONEY@WORK have the simple aim of improving their ability to deal with unexpected financial shocks by building a savings reserve over a period of time.  Others are saving for a specific goal like the next big holiday, a house deposit, a new vehicle or home improvements.  And if it's ethical, affordable lending you want to access we can also help.  Our lending received the highest possible 5 Star rating from The Fair Banking Foundation.  This means our loans meets the Foundations stringent assessment criteria and have passed an independent survey on both the products and the quality of service we provide. 

Our existing partners range from global businesses to small scale independent charities with a handful of staff.  Size isn’t important, what’s important is an appetite for improving the welfare of your teams to ensure that staff can fulfil their full potential and help your business to thrive. 

For more details and ways to contacts us please visit:

Alternatively you can contact our Business Development Manager, Sim Ilyas, directly on: 0117 989 2115 / 07768463089 or 

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