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Sara Tye
Founder and Managing Director | RedheadPR Limited
16th July 2020
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I'm excited to launch the latest step in a series of business endeavours, the Mastering Your Own PR training programme which launched this week, beginning with a free workshop named "The 4 Basic Steps You Need to Mastering Your Own PR".

The workshop, for which registration details can be found below, has been carefully designed to help educate solopreneurs and business owners on the building blocks of any successful PR and Social Media programme.

Following my own successes in the marketing and PR industry, working for big-name brands such as The Body Shop, NHS, Nokia, and more, I was inspired to conceive the idea for Mastering Your Own PR. The program utilises my own expertise and insider knowledge to create a detailed, revolutionary guide for prospective new entrepreneurs and existing business owners looking to sharpen their public relations skills.

PR has always been an essential part of any business model; a survey carried out by published the finding that some of the biggest challenges faced by businesses are customer acquisition, increasing leads, followed then by increasing conversion. From thereon, businesses must learn customer retention.

One of the main hopes following the Mastering Your Own PR programme is that it will offer more transparency into the daily workings of the public relation world, which currently remains clouded in mysticism and the presumption that PR is difficult, confusing, and elitist. By teaching her own system to business hopefuls, I believe that any company will be elevated to new levels of success.

All businesses and brand owners deserve to have high profile brands, especially with all the hard work that goes on in the business community day in, day out. This is increasingly important if businesses are starting out with a great idea and can’t afford to retain ongoing help and support.

I’ve known for a long time that there is a gap for this type of training, and so decided over lockdown to pull together this new coaching platform. It complements my other ventures, such as redheadPR, and seeks to help entrepreneurs that I have only previously worked with at conferences, boot camps and training workshops.

Mastering Your Own PR is just one of the many components of the new business academy that I have been working hard to put in place. The business academy will see comprehensive nurturing of new business talents, helping them to realise, work for, and fulfil their business aspirations.

Sign up for the free Mastering Your Own PR workshop here:

Mastering Your Own PR webinar 


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