Struggling with virtual onboarding? Help is at hand!

Nick Wimshurst
Director | Niche Recruitment Limited
10th November 2020
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The global pandemic has upended all of our working practices, including our induction procedures for new staff. How do you onboard when you can’t physically meet with someone? Is it even practical?

These are the questions that companies all over the UK – and across the world – have been wrestling with over the last few months. And for once, there’s some good news: virtual onboarding can be done successfully. 

Not that it’s easy: moving to virtual onboarding requires a lot of rethinking, innovation and flexibility. But it’s definitely possible. 

We know this because, at Niche Recruitment, we’ve talked to organisations who are doing it successfully. A few weeks back, we hosted a remote roundtable where we talked to several partner companies about their virtual onboarding strategies. To say we learned a lot is an understatement!

We found out how companies are borrowing techniques from different sources – such as secondary schools and even speed dating – and how they make buddy systems work remotely. We learned how they’re tackling employee fatigue and monitoring mental health, two enormous challenges for remote working. And plenty more besides.

But all that experience isn’t much use unless it’s shared. So, Niche Recruitment has picked out the most useful, actionable points and turned them into a whitepaper. We’ve cunningly titled it Virtually Perfect - How Companies are Creating Great Virtual Onboarding. It’s available for free, right now, by emailing us at

If you don’t know where to start with virtual onboarding, or you’d just like some tips from people who have walked the walk, drop us a line today on 01793230469 or visit

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