Swindon-based agency Jazzbones Creative create digital storybooks to help children stay safe online

Nathan Sandhu
Proprietor | Jazzbones Creative Ltd
25th February 2019
Member roleInitiative member

Parent Zone provides support and information to parents, children and schools, and works to help families to navigate the internet safely and confidently.

The Vodafone Foundation supports projects that are focused on delivering public benefit through the use of mobile technology and partners with Parent Zone to produce Digital Parenting magazine, an online safety guide for families distributed through schools and youth organisations.

Impressed by Jazzbone Creative’s track record of working in the Not-for-profit sector and working with big name brands, Vodafone/Parent Zone charged the Swindon-based creative agency with creating a digital storybook for children designed to promote the safe use of smartphones, tablets and other devices: one for Key Stage One of the national curriculum, the other for Key Stage Two.

 Tommy the Tablet and Sally the Smartphone are the stars of two beautifully designed storybooks that will capture the imagination of schoolchildren, but not just in the UK.

The client was so impressed with Jazzbones’ creations that the digital storybooks are now being distributed across Europe in eight different languages!
 Jazzbones’ in-house CGI illustrators created more than 30 eye-catching illustrations in a kaleidoscope of colours to accompany the tech characters as they navigate their way through the challenges and adventures of smartphone technology. The designs were part of a start to finish process for the Jazzbones team that embraced initial storyboards and CGI illustrations right through to sleek, informative videos being used by Vodafone at events in conjunction with their partners, Parent Zone and The Diana Awards.

As part of the launch on Safer Internet Day 2019 'Tommy the Tablet's Birthday Blunder' and 'Sally the Smartphone's Digital Disaster', Jazzbones also delivered a wide range of marketing collateral – from display boards and videos to augmented reality animations which will enable users to bring key illustrations to life using their smartphones. Put together, these resources will help children to become digitally resilient to negative influences like cyberbullying and online grooming whilst at the same time helping them to flourish online.

Nathan Sandhu, Jazzbones’ Founder and Creative Director said “This has been a fantastic project to be involved with on so many levels, firstly we were appointed to the project after pitching against London-based agencies and illustrators and our 3D work stood out to win us the pitch which makes the whole team really proud. Secondly we really love working with Charities to bring about change for good, so if these books can help young children with internet safety then that is just brilliant. We are really excited to see the books launched across Europe on Safer Internet Day 2019”.

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