What is the right way to book business travel?

Sarah Kelley
Director | Thornton's Business Travel
7th June 2019
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The reasons why companies decide to book travel can be endless, so with many reasons to book business travel is there one suitable way that trumps all the others?, What are the best options for a managed travel program?, Is it possible to configure, communicate and set policies to best balance compliance and savings? These are some on the many questions that companies and travel bookers may have.

Those new to Corporte Travel Management and looking for ways of making the operations around travel bookings smooth and cost effective for their business, but have not yet invested the time or appropriate research into the solutions & technologies available, then please do take a moment for enlightenment.

The answers to the above; while all are possible, we must not forget that all companies are different and operate on a unique basis, the requirements and needs will never be a one size fits all solution.

So maybe the real perspective is "what are my specific needs", for example, my personal mobile phone needed an upgrade recently, I wanted to know what was on the market for new handsets, the sales rep I talked with showcased the most advanced handset on the market, it was like the swiss army knife of the mobile phone world, all singing and dancing, however while I was very impressed I could only ever imagine using a few of the functions practically and to pay an additional premium for functions that I would never use was not feasible for me. So in relation to corporate travel, many solutions are on offer but what works best is personal to your business and it's requirements.

At Thornton's Business Travel, our approach is to understand your business, its needs, requirements and only introduce solutions that are tailored, not too dissimilar to Savile Row, to you.

We are experts in providing such tailored solutions – managing corporate travel, ensuring budgets are maximised globally and costs remain under control by delivering choise, service and value.


If anyone in or outside my network that would like information on our service offerings and to discuss a tailored solution then please don't hesitate to reach me directly on T: 0117 9291633/ sarahk@thorntonstravel.co.uk


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