Why use psychometrics in your company?

Paul Browning
Director | Trilogy Psychometrics Limited
21st July 2017
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Organisational Psychologists have spent over six decades researching, creating and rigorously testing Psychometric assessments. At Trilogy, we always prefer to use instruments with the highest statistically proven validity and reliability, despite the fact they are often not the most commonly or well known tools.

Strong validity and reliability In the work place means you can predict why a given person will be successful or not within a specific role. Psychometric assessment can strongly predict a number of different work-related factors, including…

  • Future job performance: How well your people will learn new tasks, solve complex problems and perform within the role. This can include organisational fit and whether they are likely to share the organisation’s values. A successful match is vital to ensure that your workforce feel more committed and engaged in their role.
  • Safety behaviours: How likely they are to accept personal responsibility for health and safety at work and avoid inappropriate behaviour.
  • Personality Type and Traits: How someone naturally prefers to behave at work, the kinds of behaviours they have adopted, and how difficult the may be to manage.
  • Emotional intelligence EI: Quickly becoming recognised within progressive companies as equally important as traditional measurements of intelligence or IQ. Emotional Intelligence can be measured and therefore leveraged for maximum effectiveness whilst highlighting potential personality blind-spots. How well your people identify, understand, manage and use their own and other people’s emotions is key to forming successful working relationships.

These kinds of assessments also give employers a standardised, fair and equitable way to compare candidates for a role, based on criteria that have been scientifically proven to predict success in a particular role.

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