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Using our experience as senior leaders in Palliative Care and Oncology and our clinical backgrounds as Nurse Specialists, we provide training for Leaders, HR Teams and Line Managers on delivering emotional support in the workplace to increase retention and staff satisfaction. We deliver training on:Supporting your staff pre / post bereavement. Supporting and retaining the carers in your workforce. Supporting and retaining your disabled workforce. Supporting staff with a life limiting illness. Cancer Awareness and supporting staff with cancer. Managing resilience when delivering emotional support All of the above are offered as one off workshops or, for those who choose to, we develop bespoke packages to include a range of / all of the above with the additional offer of a workplace champion model and peer support groups being established.
Empower Workplace Solutions
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Let’s start by taking a variety of workplace settings across the UK. In office 1, a manager knows they are running late for a 9.30am appointment that one of their team members scheduled at the end of...
Michelle Smith
Empower Workplace Solutions
Posted on: 10.08.21
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