Behaviours at work - understanding the unacceptable

28th March 2018

Behaviours at work - understanding the unacceptable

28th March 2018
De Vere Alexandra House
United Kingdom
Starts at 9:30am
Ends at 1:00pm
Non-member price £105


Unacceptable behaviours, such as bullying and harassment or aggressive attitudes, can lead to increased levels of absence, staff turnover, and lower staff morale which can reduce productivity.

The effects of unacceptable behaviours are harmful to all concerned and potentially expensive for organisations with real reputation risks an issue.

This event provides delegates with valuable information about what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and bullying and harassment. We outline what the law says (in regards to the Equality Act) and the views of the Tribunals. We then look at the responsibilities you have as an employer and the implications for choosing not to address these issues.

Business need

This half-day event will include an examination of equality legislation. The event will focus on enabling delegates to identify different forms of unacceptable behaviours and their impacts on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Throughout the session we will draw from case studies and real world employer experiences.

Delegates will leave the session with:

• Increased skills and confidence in identifying issues within the workplace.

• Knowledge of employer responsibilities

• What the law says and the views of the employment tribunals

Suitable For

Anyone wanting to create a better working environment and those with an interest in dignity at work.


• Understanding what constitutes inappropriate workplace behaviours.

• Current legislation in this area.

• Definitions of inappropriate behaviours, in particular bullying and harassment.

• Recognising the effects of bullying and harassment on staff and the organisation.

• What victims can do when subjected to bullying and harassment.