Cities, Cycling and Cleaner Transport

28th September 2021

Cities, Cycling and Cleaner Transport

28th September 2021
Future Leap
Future Leap and Online (Hybrid)
1-3 Gloucester Road
United Kingdom
Starts at 7:45am
Ends at 10:15am
Member price £15
Non-member price £15

One of the key 5 themes of this year’s COP26 is clean transport, and decarbonising transport is a core theme of the EU 2020 strategy.

With this in mind, we are running this a hybrid business breakfast looking at Cities, Cycling and Cleaner Transport.

Join us to understand this key topic and how businesses can engage with cleaner transport.

We will welcome Network members Sustrans, Zedify and Bristol Cycling to speak at this event.

Expect informative talks, valuable networking opportunities and inspiring discussions to further support your ability to discover, collaborate and innovate

Government guideline and pandemic dependent, this event will take place physically and virtually. Both options offer the full event experience, including networking, Q&A and our famous 60 second pitches. Virtual attendees will need to B-Y-O-Breakfast!

If you purchase a physical ticket but the event is moved fully online, you can choose to have your ticket fully refunded or attend virtually with a partial-refund.

Jon Usher, Head of Partnerships, Sustrans

Jon will present on the scale of the challenge for the West of England to reach net-zero transport emissions. There are opportunities to decarbonise transport, but can we do it fast enough? Can we do it whilst ensuring a just transition to low carbon lifestyles, whilst making our region more resilient, happier and healthier?

Simon Whitehead, Managing Director at Zedify Bristol will be speaking on “the benefits of e-cargo bikes”.

Simon will share insights into this low impact method of transporting goods around a city and the positive difference they can make to our ambitions of more liveable streets and neighbourhoods.

Leah DeHaan, Bristol Cycling Campaign

Bristol Cycling Campaign explores how advocacy for improving cycling infrastructure combined with amplifying the diversity of voices heard within Bristol will have a positive change for all. As Bristol continues to address the development of cycle routes, we find ourselves with an opportunity to allow business to flourish sustainably. With the proposed implementation of Liveable Neighbourhoods, developing the city centre's cycle network and surrounding routes and the installation of secure bike hangers around the city; BCC will give insight into how changing politics can give business an opportunity to pioneer and change the city's functionality helping increase cleaner transport and in turn leading to a healthier and happier Bristol.


07:45 – 08:10- Registration, Refreshments and Networking [Plus Virtual Attendees Networking Session]

08:10 - 08:20- Introduction

08:20 - 08:35–Jon Usher, Sustrans

08:35 – 08:45– Questions for Jon

08:45 – 09:00–Simon Whitehead, Zedify

09:00 – 09:10– Questions for Simon

09:10 – 09:25-Leah DeHaan, Bristol Cycling

09:25 - 09:35- Questions for Leah

09:35 - 09:40- 60 Second Pitches

09:40 - 09:45- Close

09:45 - 10:15-Networking & Nibbles [Plus Virtual Attendees Networking Session]

Meet The Speakers!

Jon Usheris Head of Partnerships at Sustrans, the Bristol based charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle. With over 15 years’ experience of sustainable transport development in the West of England, Jon is an expert in transport policy in the area. Jon is a member of the Bristol One City Transport Board, and non-exec Director of Bristol Green Capital Partnership. He has led national programmes for the Department for Transport and delivered £multi-million projects that make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

Simon Whitehead, Managing Director at Zedify Bristol

Zedify Bristol are Bristol’s first dedicated zero emission urban logistics company. Their motto is “Better Deliveries = Better Cities”. Zedify firmly believe that by challenging traditional thinking and practices they can help make our city streets and neighbourhoods better places to live and work. Their micro consolidation hub acts as a gateway for goods coming into and out of the city centre, unloading from large polluting vans and redistributing on fast, efficient, clean electric cargo bikes and trikes across the city.

Leah DeHaan, Bristol Cycling Campaign

Bristol Cycling Campaign is an organisation powered by people who want to make Bristol a healthier, safer and cleaner city. Leah DeHaan speaks on behalf of Bristol Cycling Campaign having joined an international network of changemakers, to accelerate cycling adoption, by taking on the role of Bicycle Mayor for Bristol, to help accelerate the city’s approach to cycling.