Demonstration of DaDesktop

29th October 2020

Demonstration of DaDesktop

29th October 2020
United Kingdom
Starts at 12:00pm
Ends at 1:00pm

Join a live demonstration of the DaDesktop Training Room.

See how DaDesktop can transform your organisation's remote training.

"DaDesktop is the new way to deliver training."

NobleProg's revolutionary DaDesktop Technology brings you a highly interactive cloud based Training Room.

Developed by NobleProg- a leading training organisation in advanced technology - we use DaDesktop everyday for highly interactive online live professional training and now your organisation can access the DaDesktop Training Room for your own training, workshops or any event requiring a high level of participant interaction.

It aims to mimic and even improve on the experience of live, instructor-led classroom training. By providing each student with their own machine (cloud desktop) to carry out exercises and by enabling the instructor to actively monitor, guide and even control each students cloud desktop, DaDesktop creates a highly interactive, coaching-oriented style of teaching and learning never before possible outside of a physical classroom.

Many organisations across the world are now using DaDesktop to deliver training to their remote teams.

  • The Trainer can easily create the cloud desktop (in seconds and with no technical knowledge required) with all materials, labs, data, exercises required for the event. That desktop can then be cloned (again, in seconds) for all participants;
  • Every participant has their own cloud desktop with everything they need for the course. This is accessed by pasting a URL into a webbrowser so no downloads, no installations, no invasive software;
  • The Trainer can see all cloud desktops and can help any student by working with them on their cloud desktop in real time;
  • The Trainer can create a Breakout Room where students will then see and all be able to interact on each other's cloud desktops at the same time;
  • Integrated audio/video or choose an alternative AV tool;
  • Private / public chat tool between the delegates and trainer;
  • Record feature;
  • Cloud desktops can be left open so that delegates can continue to review training material after the event.

NobleProg is proud to supply DaDesktop to the UK Public Sector on the UK Government Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 12 Framework.

Join NobleProg UK's Ben Jenkins for a live demo of DaDesktop at 12 noon on 29 October 2020.

The programme will involve:

  • A brief introduction to DaDesktop and price plans;
  • Setting up a course and building the trainer's cloud desktop;
  • Cloning the trainer's cloud desktop;
  • Accessing the Training Room;
  • Trainer's view / Participant's view;
  • Features (including BreakOut Room, Record)
  • Questions.

This will be a hands-on demonstration - we'll use screen share only to demonstrate setting up the training event and then attendees will be sent a DaDesktop link (as if they were joining a training event) and we'll convene in the DaDesktop Training Room. Here you'll be able to test out all the features and see for yourself if DaDesktop could help you deliver training to your remote team.

Email to book a place and receive information on pricing in advance of the demonstration.

You can see a recorded demo here:

DaDesktop Demo

Breakout Room Demo

For a detailed summary see and for technical information please see