DT20 event: Tuesday 24 November

24th November 2020

DT20 event: Tuesday 24 November

24th November 2020
Online Event
Online Event
Online Event
United Kingdom
Starts at 10:00am
Ends at 12:00pm

Join us to be inspired about how digital transformation in Wales and the South West has the power to re-shape your future

How can you prepare your business for a smarter digital future?

Next month, BT will share its vision for the digital transformation of Wales and the South West at its virtual DT20 event.

Taking place on Tuesday 24 November, the Wales and South West Digital Technology 20 event (DT20) will offer senior leaders in the public or private sector the opportunity to engage with some of BT’s most influential tech figures. Guests will learn how organisations across Wales and the South West region can achieve a stronger, more inclusive future with the technological revolution.

At a time when businesses are rapidly adapting to the new working landscape, BT’s event will share knowledge and insights into the world of agile working: enabling people the freedom to choose where, when and how they work. A succession of fascinating talks from BT’s experts will also cover the security risks posed by digital transformation and how businesses can secure their data and their reputation. Plus, hear about the ground-breaking technology of 5G, and the ways in which we can strive towards green tech innovation.

With an enhanced focus on economic growth, equality, efficiency savings and collaboration, this event will consider how businesses can prepare for a smarter digital future; by focusing on profitable growth and efficient service delivery, moving more tech to the cloud, and perhaps most importantly, developing a skilled, efficient workforce of smarter digital people.

The event will be hosted by award-winning journalist Nadine Dereza, an experienced business presenter and media coach to some of the most renown brands in the world. Having worked for the BBC, Sky and CNN, Nadine now presents CNBC’s Internet of Things, and is a judge of The Business Book Awards.

Dr Nicola Millard, an award-winning presenter and Principal Innovation Partner at BT, will lead a discussion on Reshaping the Future of Work.Sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into the world of agile working, Nicola will discuss the important considerations you should consider when adapting your own organisation towards the digital future. The session will also provide first-hand knowledge of security threats and how to overcome them as you adapt your ways and means of working.

Fotis Karonis is the CTIO, Enterprise & the 5G Executive Lead at BT Group and will drive the delivery and launch of the 5G programme. Having led EE to be the first to launch 4G in the UK in 2012 as their CTO, Fotis will now uncover the power that 5G can give your organisation to work faster, in a session that asks How can 5G bring Wales and the South West to life?With Fotis, discover 5G’s capabilities and how this new technology can provide better outcomes for people and businesses in Wales and the South West.

With customers and staff members expectations from business technology now at an all-time high, it’s important to ensure that exploiting new opportunities and adapting quickly to change doesn’t come at a price. In a session based on security, learn how you can embrace digital change without compromising your reputation, including ways to establish a flexible and secure infrastructure for your organisation.

The event will also delve into the significant green tech opportunities that arise from workplace change. A session surrounding BT’s Green Tech Innovation platform looks at how it supports the UK’s net-zero transition by seeking the latest technologies and supporting organisations to develop break-through green technology.

With a panel discussion and Q&A to boot, the event will offer a rounded and insightful look into the digital future – and how you can prepare for its arrival.

Date: Tuesday 24 November

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Location: Live online event

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