The Evolving Cities Series

6th May 2021

The Evolving Cities Series

6th May 2021
United Kingdom
Starts at 10:00 - 06/05/2021
Ends at 11:00 - 04/11/2021
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Welcome to our “Evolving Cities” series of power-hour online discussions, kindly sponsored by Network members TLT.

• 6th May –Green Financing for Greener Cities

Green finance has garnered a lot of interest from the business community. Large organisations have already recognised the importance of it as a way of future proofing their businesses.

· What is green finance and what does it mean for businesses?

· What systems need to be in place for green loans and sustainability-linked loans to benefit businesses?

· How can green financing support cities create a more sustainable future?

• 3rd June - Working Together: Businesses and Communities

We need to create greener cities which are fit for the future and are places where people can live, work and play without negatively impacting their surroundings or the environment. In order to do this, there needs to be real collaboration between businesses, communities and individuals to change the conversation to one which is focused around sustainability. By collaborating with each other we can share best practice and look to create real change that will shape greener cities.

In this hour session we will look at how to open up those conversations, what role business and community leaders need to play in shaping the agenda, and how every individual plays an equally important role in creating a sustainable future.

• 7th October – Repurposing Our City Centres

Covid19 has had a massive impact on our city centres. The way we work, shop and play has changed.

It has also accelerated trends in online shopping, seeing many of the large retailers reduce their store-frontage in favour of increased online presence, and called into question whether big office headquarters are really a requirement of the future.

In addition, reductions in pollution levels, increases in air quality and nature returning to our city centres has raised questions about what a return to normal should look like.

In this hour session we will look at how to repurpose our city centres to create more sustainable living spaces, how trends such as modular construction, co-living and walking cities may help to shape our future cities, and what opportunities this might present for those investing in and developing our cities.

• 4th November - Green Infrastructure

Greener cities need to be underpinned by green infrastructure. While the development of urban hubs where everything is easily accessible within a short walk or cycle ride is a trend of the future, to make this a reality greener infrastructure is required both from a personal, public and business (fleet) point of view. Easily accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure, green transport alternatives such as e-bikes and e-scooters, and the development of last mile electric distribution infrastructure will all play an important part.

In this hour session we will look at how to accelerate the development of green infrastructure, what needs to be done from a planning, financing and regulatory point of view, and how keeping connected in a sustainable manner will underpin our future cities.


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