New to management? Vital skills for successful managers

23rd January 2018

New to management? Vital skills for successful managers

23rd January 2018
Castle Boardroom
STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway
Fire Fly Avenue
United Kingdom
Starts at 1:45pm
Ends at 5:15pm
Member price £106
Non-member price £125

Do you want to know how to be a better manager? How to manage better? Do you work for yourself or a small business? Or is there simply no in-house training to turn to? Do you want to look after yourself?

We don't really get told how to 'manage' at work, it is assumed. So when we are promoted from specific roles into management roles, people can struggle, and often with no help from their boss or the wider organisation. This training opportunity isn’t about learning to pass a test or getting a few letters for the CV. It is about you acquiring management essentials in a short period of time, without massively impacting on your busy schedule.

This course includes elements of project management, time management, team and people management, and other hints and tips. You gain knowledge and skills that you can implement immediately.

This is great for people who are new into a 'management' role, or for those who are being loaded up with more and more 'management' tasks.

Some testimonials:

"A great session with helpful guidelines, processes and tips! Delivered in a personal and relaxed way that enables you to engage and contribute."

"Really useful session, and useful to discuss other peoples' experiences."

"With a clear and focused approach this course has helped me to revisit some past management experience, while introducing new strategies, ideas and methods for more successful management practices."

The content is for managers in any sector or business, of any age, at any point in the organisation's career ladder. The benefit that transcends all of this is improving your core skills and knowledge. This benefit can be taken and applied immediately, regardless of the manager's actual specialisation.

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