Power of Visioning in Business

15th February 2022

Power of Visioning in Business

15th February 2022
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United Kingdom
Starts at 9:30am
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Free Power of Visioning in Businesses – Online Interactive Live Workshop.



2nd Feb 2022 ~ 9:30am ~ 9mins

Back by popular demand - FREE workshop for writing a vision statement that will have impact and the power to generate healthy changeAbout this eventThe workshop will also include the following content:

- Understand the difference between Vision, Missions and Goals.

- Seven Pillars of a successful Vision Statement.

- Importance and Power of a Vision Statement.

- Four ways of writing a Vision Statement.

- What can a Vision Statement do for you and your organisation

Now is the time to realign and look to the future with a clear vision and focused direction.______________________________________________________________

Do you think peoples’ priorities have changed in the last year?

YES [ ] - No [ ] - Maybe [ ]

Does your organisation have a Vision Statement?

YES [ ] - No [ ] - Maybe [ ]

If yes to the first question, does your Vision Statement reflect the New Now

YES [ ] - No [ ] - Maybe [ ]

Since 2020 priorities have changed for companies, teams, organisations and individuals. This is because we all had different experiences from the impact of Covid-19._____________________

Why is Visioning so important?

It is vital that the employees and leadership fully understand, believe in, and commit to the vision of the Company. Big or small, a Vision Statement aids productivity and profits in any business.

When internal stakeholders have a developed comprehension of the vision, it is much more likely that strong teams will emerge, and members will incorporate their values into that shared vision.

A shared vision is the breeding ground for new ideas. It encourages individuals to have a more profound sense of ownership, goal orientation and loyalty to the business, working towards common goals.