Karshare is the UK’s first community car sharing service. We make it possible for car owners to rent out their cars to earn extra income - and for car renters, a super local and affordable way to hire a car. At Karshare we’re passionate about sustainability: Car sharing is going to be an essential part of how we move around in a greener world. To get to net zero by 2030, Bristol will need 50% less cars on the road - our technology empowers individual car owners to make that goal a reality. By sharing cars we can achieve more with less. It means less cars need to be produced each year, and less time spent driving around looking for spaces which both reduce carbon emissions. And less cars means more space in our towns and cities. We’re now actively onboarding car owners in the Greater Bristol area - visit the site to join the car sharing revolution. And if you want to consider selling your car and would like to see which ones you could hire nearby - please take a look at our growing range of community cars.
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Karshare c/o Car & Away,
Bristol Airport,
North Side Rd,
BS48 3DY
01293 569106

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Graeme Banister
Mobility & Partnerships Director

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In late March, we launched a business we hadn’t planned, at a time not of our choosing, with no intention of generating a penny in revenue. One month on, the experience has been priceless. First a...
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Bristol International Airport
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