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Manage and Thrive Training We develop the best managers Sign up now for “The Thriving Manager” modular programme Management and leadership development Learn additional ‘tricks of trade’ for extra success Become more efficient and effective Improve individual performance Your team and the organisation will benefit as a result Become a better, respected manager and leader Be the best you can be Contact us now: discuss online, classroom or blended learning options Go beyond managing. Thrive. A few testimonials: “Many thanks for the great management training today. It was extremely useful and have immediately implemented it into my job. I look forward to more.” (Lindsay, National Geographic Partners) "A truly educational experience, which allowed me to engage with the design of research projects in a more efficient and logical fashion. In academia, we are not generally taught how to manage a project although it becomes fundamental at both design and delivery stages. An interactive and stimulating course to get the basic knowledge and apply it in the real world." (Dr Dario Cazzola, Lecturer at University of Bath) "A great session with helpful guidelines, processes and tips! Delivered in a personal and relaxed way that enables you to engage and contribute." (Stef M, Service Manager) About us: We want to help people and businesses succeed. We do this by providing time-efficient, focussed training in management and leadership. Training is created and delivered by people with world-class training and real-world experience, including both military and commercial backgrounds, who can instruct, and who are trusted by us. Invest in you and your team. Get in touch today...
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