Currently seeking employers to engage with digital careers fair platform,

Antony Jinman
Founder | LiketoBe Ltd
25th October 2017
Member roleChamber member is a new networking platform that connects employers with educator’s safety online.

One of the biggest barriers to young people’s aspirations, is the lack of knowledge and understanding to what career opportunities there are. This is especially true in hard to reach schools in rural or socially deprived locations. LiketoBe helps bridge this gap and offers a digital solution to both employers and educators. If you’re an employer and you'd like to connect with schools on a more regular and efficient basis, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

The benefits to your business includes;

Being able to promote and recruit young people for work placement, apprenticeship and graduate positions.
Increase the number of schools you engage with on a regular basis.
Encourage your employees to develop their attributes as part of the professional development.
Promote awareness for projects within local communities.