Free 3-hour CRM Discovery Workshop for Members (valid to 30 Sept. 2024)

Mike Fleming
MD/Founder | cloudfortyseven
3rd July 2024

Are you struggling to manage all your customer relationship details?

In the early stages of a business, it might be fine to just maintain a spreadsheet or jot down notes about customers and incoming orders. As your business grows, this sort of record-keeping not only becomes unwieldy, but it can actually cost you revenue, customers, and new opportunities.

Below are some clues that can help you in your decision. If anything on this short checklist sounds familiar, the benefits of a CRM solution might be worth exploring to help your business find, win, and keep customers more efficiently.

 If you check off five or more of these statements, start considering a CRM solution. 

  • You have teams that work closely together, even when not actually together
  • Your sales and/or service teams are often on the road
  • You have little or no visibility into customer interactions and are unable to quickly find customer data to make decisions fast
  • You find reporting tedious and painful, and you want to automate repetitive tasks
  • You feel deals are falling through the cracks because you’re managing customer information manually in spreadsheets and notebooks
  • You have a patchwork of apps that you call “CRM” but they are not really connected on top of a single database or “system of record”
  • Your business is growing quickly and you need to scale processes fast and efficiently
  • You can’t forecast and plan for your business because you have data stored in different systems
  • You know that your business’s customer service experience is lacking or you are losing customers because of service issues
  • You or your IT department is buried with maintenance requests
  • You are looking for deeper insights into your business 

Free 3-hour workshop (see terms below)

Take the time to work with cloudfortyseven and discuss your existing systems and processes and discuss pathways for success using Customer Relationship Management to improve your marketing, sales and customer service activities.

  • On-site workshop at your location
  • Marketing  review
  • Sales review
  • Customer Service review
  • Summary document of workshop outputs



  • Limited to members whose offices are located in the counties of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon and Dorset.
  • Workshop must to undertaken by 30 September, 2024
  • This promotion does not count as a discount to other services provided by cloudfortyseven



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11:15am July 3rd 2024