Partnership with Rocket Padel

Marcus Ballyn
Club Manager | Rocket Padel Bristol Ltd
25th June 2024


A partnership with Rocket Padel provides an exclusive platform to the world's fastest-growing sport to showcase your company's brand and products – both locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Partner benefits at Rocket Padel

• Exposure to a large visiting audience, 

• Strong target group of members and pay & play players

• Partner promotion on social media and

• Exposure during tournaments with players from all of UK

• Exposure during company events, school activities, and other club activities

• The collaboration also provides the opportunity to participate in networking with the club's other partners and the possibility of employee and customer events.

• Partners at Rocket Padel provide significant value to the club and enable the initiation of new initiatives and activities for the benefit of members and center users. 2024 Yearly club footfall +100k visitors.

Email for more details and what we can offer.

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Interview date 
7:45am June 25th 2024