Positive Gossip Revolution

THE POSITIVE GOSSIP REVOLUTION is a Movement for Positive Social Change in 3 areas. It's aim is to highlight the damage that gossip, idle talk and rumour can do to an individual as well as an organisation. And to promote the Positive Gossip Policy that can be adopted by Schools, Universities, Organisations to show their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees and to become part of the structure in this positive change. To change the predominantly negative mindset in our British Culture by promoting positive conversation, praise, compliments and upliftment in our daily lives with our families friends colleagues and neighbours. Positive conversation can make a difference to everyday life and happiness levels and this positivity can help the ripple effect that can move throughout our country. To promote the benefits of praise and the nurturing our younger generation so that they become resilient, they believe in themselves and have the inner strength to overcome life's challenges. To nurture the talent that is our future and to allow this new culture of praise and positivity be adopted by this generation so they can lead the way to a better future.
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