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As a result of the continual success we provide for our Landlords legal requirements, we are proud to receive continual repeat business for our Enforcement services. Revenue Services team is committed to providing our Clients with a trustworthy, reliable and professional service. We are a relatively small Company who can therefore provide that ‘personal touch’. At Revenue Services, we are able to affect the FORFEITURE OF COMMERCIAL LEASE (Repossession) without the need for a Court Order. We gain peaceful access to your Commercial property, and terminate the lease, securing the premises via a change of locks, and posting Notices to doors and windows forbidding re-entry. We work in association with a fully-qualified Locksmith to ensure your property is peacefully accessed, and properly secured when we leave. We take a concise inventory which details any goods remaining on the newly secured premises, and photographs are taken which show both the goods remaining, and the general condition of the property. Electricity and Gas meter readings are also taken at the time of this re-entry. The pros for Forfeiture are that it is a quick and effective method to regain control of your property, and Forfeiture or re-entry, is a useful tool for landlords who want to protect their interest in the property and obtain possession when a tenant breaches the lease or becomes insolvent. Should you require our services in relation to COMMERCIAL RENT ARREARS RECOVERY (CRAR) then, as per the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013, we would initially send a Notice of Enforcement to the tenant giving them 7 clear days to contact us to discuss repayment. Should they fail to do this, we would then make an Enforcement call to the property. If the tenant is then unable/unwilling to pay the debt in full, you would have various options; a) We could either list all of the tenants goods and enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement with them, to pay the debt over an agreeable period. If they then go on to break this arrangement we could recall to remove the goods. b) We could remove all goods listed for sale at auction c) The goods can be secured on the premises, in such a way to prevent the Debtor having access to/use of them. If this is not possible and there is no other way of securing the goods (in the case of business premises) the whole of the premises containing the goods (or the non-domestic part of a mixed-use premises) may be secured and the goods could be sold on site. Or, the Enforcement Agent could also remain on the premises to guard the goods until they are secured, or arrangements for removal are underway. The pros for CRAR are that for the landlord it is free, as all costs are borne by the Tenant. No situation is the same. Our valued customers all require varying services at different times, so for that reason there are no standard price lists for our services. Talk to us so that we can discuss and recommend the most effective methods of recovery for you. Call us on 0778 6653208 or 0117 9040370 or email
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