Our mission is to help more people find and connect with properties they love. We’re building a new Marketplace which removes many of the traditional barriers to participation, allowing buyers and owners to connect more freely. Zump unlocks the off-market for buyers to discover and connect with homes they love in the streets and areas they want to live. For owners Zump provides an easy, hassle free way to test the market and see who might be interested. All connections and interactions between buyers and owners are supported by Zump Property Advisors. Download the app and see what you can discover in the off-market. Your perfect home, it’s out there.
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How to disrupt a billion-pound industry
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When an industry is well-established and worth a huge percentage of the economy, it’s quite hard to disrupt the status quo. But it can be done, think of the changes AirBnb , Uber , Instagram ,...
Harry Felton
Posted on: 06.07.21
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