How green is cycling? The environmental impact of bikes & e-bikes

How green is cycling? 

"We know the way we travel has an impact on the world around us. In fact, transport is the largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, responsible for 27% in 2019. In 2020, the year national lockdowns meant we mainly stayed at home, overall transport carbon dioxide emissions fell by 19.6%.

By law, the UK’s emissions must be net zero by 2050 - a commitment the country has made to reduce the impact of climate change. That’s why decarbonising transport is a huge part of the government’s sustainability plans.

How can cycling help?

"Decarbonising our daily journeys should be a priority for everyone. According to Decarbonising Transport – A Better, Greener Britain, journeys below five miles represented 58% of all private car journeys in 2019. These are the most obvious opportunities to switch to cycling and walking, which could result in a 68 MtCO2e reduction in current car emissions."

The Bike Storage Company have produced a useful guide on the environmental impact of bikes and e-bikes and the role of e-bikes in decarbonising transportation, covering:

  • The UK’s Net Zero 2050 cycling sustainability targets
  • How cycling can help
  • Top cities which commute by bike
  • The importance of electric bikes
  • The environmental impact of bikes and e-bikes

Access full guide here


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