Local Skills Improvement Plans - A Myth Busting Webinar

The LSIP team run through everything you need to know about the West of England, Gloucestershire and Swindon and Wiltshire LSIPs. 

00:00 - Introduction

00:23 - Contents of the webinar

01:28 - Meet the Business West LSIP team

02:48 - What is a Local Skills Improvement Plan

03:11 - Background on the West of England Plus Trailblazer

04:46 - The LSIP timeline

06:15 - Business West LSIPs sectoral foci

07:36 - Our methodology and how we’ve engaged with businesses 

09:03 - Our core partners and stakeholders and the ‘Duty to Respond’

09:50 - Preliminary Findings structure

11:50 - Where to find our Preliminary Findings

12:38 - LSIP Report structure

13:34 - LSIP Roadmap and Regional roadmap events

15:38 - LSIP FAQs

20:20 - How to get involved


  • Get Involved with the Local Skills Improvement Plans

    Ensure your future workforce has the skills your business needs to thrive. Voice your opinion today in the Business West Local Skills Improvement Plans.