Tender for International Travel Support Services

Jenny Earp
Marketing Manager
21st December 2017

Business West is a delivery partner for IUK, based in the South West, delivering innovation support solutions to businesses in the UK. Through its contract with IUK a range of innovation related international support activities are delivered to help boost international collaborations in research and innovation.

Business West has secured funding under IUK’s Global Business Accelerator Programme to run four research and innovation based programmes. The programmes support SMEs, Universities, Research Centres and Tech Journalists from across the UK. 

Business West seeks to partner with an organisation(s) that can support pre-selected organisations to visit one of four international markets. 

Each Global Business Accelerator Programme will see cohorts of up to 17 high growth businesses explore and exploit the opportunities in specific countries, markets and technology areas

Business West invite proposals for the delivery of International Travel Support Services to selected attendees within the following lots: 

  • LOT 1: Cyber Tech mission to Israel - Support for no more than 17 mission attendees
    Value: £37,000 (inc.VAT)
  • LOT 2:  Battery Tech mission to Israel - Support for no more than 16 mission attendees
    Value: £37,000 (inc.VAT)
  • LOT 3: Advanced Materials mission to S.Korea - Support for no more than 16 attendees
    Value: £41,000 (inc. VAT)
  • LOT 4: IoT/VR/AR mission to S.Korea - Support for no more than 16 attendees
    Value: £41,000 (inc. VAT)

Proposals may be submitted for one lot, multiple lots or all four lots.

The selected Tenderer(s) will provide comprehensive travel and logistical support to all participants, both in the UK and in the selected countries.

We are seeking in-country support from a professional organisation with the skills, experience, local business and cultural knowledge and connections, to act as an in-country representative for each visit. 

To obtain a copy of the tender document, please download the application form.

If you have any questions relating to this invitation to tender contact:

Name: Andy Bates
Email: andy.bates@businesswest.co.uk
Subject: ITT for Provision of International Travel Services

Received no later than: 23:59 GMT on 1st January 2018

To clarify a couple of questions which you may have, please view our clarification document:

Contract value 
Up to £156,000 (inc.VAT)
Response deadline 
12:00pm January 8th 2018