Trading Through Brexit

To help you to trade through Brexit and beyond, Matt Griffith, Policy Director at Business West, and a team of experienced international trade experts, address some of the biggest issues most likely to affect your business.

Our award-winning Trading Through Brexit service (BCC Awards 2019) has helped well over 1000 businesses prepare over the last year, answering questions on how leaving the EU may impact their business and providing vital guidance and resources, face to face consultations and dedicated workshops.

The biggest Brexit questions answered

As one of the lead Chambers of Commerce in the UK we closely monitor Brexit negotiations as they continue, and aim to provide clarity on any proposed changes and how they might impact on British businesses.

Matt Griffith, Director of Policy at Business West and an experienced business adviser with expertise in trade negotiations and economy policy, heads up an expert team ready to help you make sense of the changes as they happen and provide answers to the questions you may have.

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How we can help you get prepared for Brexit

  • Watch Brexit video series - watch our video series designed to keep you informed; our first video shares the three key issues you need to consider in order to determine how at risk your business is when we leave Europe. Presented by Matt, he helps you identify if your business might be at risk and what to do about it.

  • Access Brexit-related resources - access vital guides and links to information you will need to help you prepare for Brexit. Need a Brexit checklist? Take a look.

  • See what other businesses are asking? - check out the questions businesses like yours are asking and how we have responded in our FAQs series.

Case study: How AVPE turn Brexit uncertainty into opportunity with the help of Trading Through Brexit

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  • The support & info provided by Business West has been very useful, without this we would be completely in the dark.
    Stephen Thurgood-Perry, Air Control Industries Ltd