Trading Through Coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to impact every sector and region in the UK, as well as the end of the EU transition period, we’re very aware of the challenges that lie ahead for businesses.

To help you through a changing and uncertain business landscape, we continue to provide relevant advice and guidance, including FAQs, content and a range of business support services that aim to help you during this challenging time.

Read latest official guidance from UK government and working safely during coronavirus.

How we can help you trade through coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Already taken out a Bounce Back loan? Here’s how to extend your interest free period

    After 12 months, Bounce Back loan interest rates begin at 2.5% a year. But if you’re eligible for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) and haven’t yet used this service, you can effectively reset your interest free period.  

    Do this by taking out a CBILS loan and using it (or part of it) to pay back the Bounce Back loan. Get your timings right and you can then begin a new year interest free, beginning from the time you drawdown the CBILS loan. 

  • Already taken out a Bounce Back loan?

    If you've taken a Bounce Back loan but no Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) loan, you may be eligible for a CBILS to extend your interest-free period. Talk to our finance team to find out if you're eligible.

  • Get trained on customs declarations

    Since 1 January 2021, businesses trading with the EU have needed skilled staff to complete customs declarations. Our training will highlight all you need to know to be able to accurately complete a simple customs declaration and continue trading effectively and efficiently with the EU.

  • Did you know?

    Over 100,000 businesses across South West England had visited our Trading Through Coronavirus hub by September 2020

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  • Business West have been the core of information and support during these trying times.
    Rebecca Prior
    Prior Made, Bristol