Business continuity and the coronavirus pandemic

Aeroplane at airport

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is increasingly difficult for companies to carry on with business as usual. From international travel bans and supply chain disruption to IT systems and work premises, Business West aims to help businesses navigate the disruption and ensure business continuity by providing answers to a range of widely asked questions.

  • How should I approach my communications strategy as a result of COVID-19?

  • How are planning applications being dealt with?

  • How are planning appeals being dealt with?

  • Will airports and seaports remain open to ship goods?

  • Will my business be able to send and receive goods internationally? And what happens to goods en route to countries with closed borders?

  • Will employees be able to travel in the UK or internationally?

  • I am worried about leaving my business premise empty for an extended period. What safety measures should I take? 

  • We are a shop that is staying open as we are providing a necessary service. What protections are there for our products and our staff?

  • My business is able to support the production of ventilators - who do I contact?

  • Can our business postpone the AGM?

  • Due to the current circumstances, I do not have the time for gender pay gap reporting this year. What can I do?

  • Thanks Business West for your help and support with my challenging and increasingly complex business situation. You have been really easy to get hold of both by phone and email, and you have helped me to raise the profile of the situation my business is in through your wide range of really useful contacts particularly in the national media.
    Charles Westcott
    Director, Wellsway Chiropractic Clinic, Bath
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