Coping with the financial impacts of coronavirus

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Business West provides answers to a range of widely asked questions to assist businesses, employers and employees in coping with the financial impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.

  • What is the bounce back loan scheme?

  • What should we do if we can't pay our tax bill on time due to coronavirus?

  • I am a foreign business with HQ in the UK. Do I benefit from Time To Pay?

  • Am I covered by insurance? What would it be called?

  • What grant funding is available for businesses without physical premises?

  • Do I still need to pay my business rates bill?

  • Existing customers aren’t paying their bills, what can I do?

  • Orders have dried up, no customers coming in… what do I do?

  • What support is available to businesses to pay Statutory Sick Pay costs for my employees who can’t work because of coronavirus?

  • I won’t be able to afford my mortgage, what should I do?

  • What are the banks doing, supposedly have funding? How do I access it?

  • How can I access the £10,000 grants for small businesses?

  • Will my business insurance cover coronavirus?

  • Can I claim business interruption insurance?

  • How would business failure work for different types of company?

  • I won’t be able to pay the rent, what do I do?

  • What is force majeure?

  • How do I access the £25,000 grant for retail, hospitality or leisure businesses?

  • What is VAT deferral and does it apply to my business? 

  • What is the Business Interruption Loan Scheme? Am I eligible? How can I access it? 

  • How do I plan for my cash flow?

  • Do you have any advice for the self-employed?

  • What is the Self-employment Income Support Scheme and how do I access it?

  • Why does the self-employment income support scheme not cover small businesses who are incorporated?

  • Is the Self-employment Income Support Scheme subject to tax?

  • What should self-employed people do while they wait to be paid from the self-employment income support scheme?

  • What happens to self-employed individuals whose 2018/19 profits are very different to what they would have expected to make this year?

  • Can I get any help to reduce my business’ energy bills?

  • Finance Hub

    From equity, grant, debt and alternative solutions our Finance Hub provides key information on a wide range of options available, access to approved providers as well as the opportunity to discuss your needs with an adviser throughout Covid-19 and beyond.

  • The information we have been given from the government is hard to decipher when you’re in panic mode and the team at Business West have tirelessly replied to every question I’ve asked.
    Rebecca Prior
    Prior Made, Bristol
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