Trading Through Coronavirus

We’re offering guidance and support to businesses and their employees across the South West of England and beyond during this period of unprecedented disruption. Our expert team are busy answering 100's of your questions and concerns on how coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting your business.

Trading Through Coronavirus has been launched to help you and your business access critical information, including FAQs and guidance on People & Employment Law, Business Continuity and Coping with Financial Impacts. As one of the lead Chambers of Commerce in the UK we closely monitor developments as they continue, and aim to provide clarity on any new announcements and how they might impact on British businesses.

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How we can help you trade through coronavirus (COVID-19):

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Video and Podcast Series 

To help you navigate your way through coronavirus (COVID-19) we are creating a series of videos and podcasts where we speak to business owners and businesses about how they're implementing changes and measures to help them cope in the current crisis.

Check out the latest video from the series below or follow the link to the full video series.

Video #28: Janine Woodcock - 'Furlough Fear' and advice for business leaders (published on 26/05/20)

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Our expert team, led by policy director, Matt Griffith, is dedicated to researching and responding to your questions to help you and other businesses during this time.

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