Case Studies

In this series of case studies, we have been working with many businesses who are at different stages in their journey to net zero. This ranges from those just starting on their journey, those part way through and those who are well on their way. We want to showcase actions and changes other businesses are making, so you can discover where you are on your climate journey, and how you can make a difference.

Cleaning the world into a better place: WendyGoesGreen

The cleaning product industry has been put under the microscope in recent times for the unsustainable practises it encourages, for consumer

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Somerset based tech start-up offers a sustainable solution for businesses supply chains

When the world stood still during the COVID-19 pandemic, tech start-up company Greener saw this as their opportunity to change the supply chains of

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Independent beer bar puts sustainability first

In this series of case studies, we speak to local businesses to find out what practical steps they are taking to tackle climate change and how they

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