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Why is sustainability important in business?

Why is sustainability important in business? Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many of us, especially in the business world. Research has shown that in 2020 businesses accounted...
Posted on: 27.07.22
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Businesses consider climate change an issue but survey finds firms need help as cost pressures rise and temperatures reach record levels

As temperatures reach dangerous and record levels in the UK, Business West's Quarterly Economic Survey of businesses in the South West has revealed that 71% consider climate change to be a core ‘...
Posted on: 19.07.22
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Climate Change is a global issue that creates complex challenges for us all

After a period of uncertainty, one thing that is certain is that we’re facing a climate emergency, but rather than treating this moment with trepidation, we should see it as a unique opportunity to...
Sam Robinson
Posted on: 19.07.22
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Bristol Green Capital Partnership - Tips and Advice around fleet decarbonisation

With Bristol's ambitious net zero 2030 target, as well as the Clean Air Zone coming into force in 2022,...


Meet the Chamber Member: Bristol’s, The Wave, on environmental and social impact in business

As part of our series of interviews with Business West Chamber members, we spoke to Nick Hounsfield, founder of inland surfing destination, The Wave. Nick established The Wave in 2019 after starting...
Posted on: 13.07.22
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How Hydrogen South West will upskill the region while driving sustainable growth

Gloucestershire has a proud tradition of being a world leader in aerospace. After all, it was from here that that the first jet engine was developed and flew. And aerospace- with its myriad of...
Ian Mean
Ian Mean
Business West
Posted on: 01.07.22
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