Upskilling with apprenticeships

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Realise the potential of your workforce with the new apprenticeship standards. These standards aren't just for entry-level school leavers or new recruits.  Many businesses are not aware that modern and graduate apprenticeships can also be used to upskill your existing employees.

Apprenticeships offer a structured way to train your employees, unlocking their potential and are proven to:

  • increase confidence and teamwork
  • gain transferable work skills
  • boost productivity

Upskilling staff in a specialist subject contributes towards their growth within the company and your company retaining and developing expertise from inside.

How does it work?

There are over 500 types of modern apprenticeship available across all levels* and sectors; every apprenticeship is designed for specific industries and many offer an industry-recognised qualification.

Graduate apprenticeships now provide work-based learning opportunities up to Master’s degree level for employees. They have been created in partnership with industry and the further and higher education sector.

Succeed together

You’ll continue to pay your employees’ wages at the same level and 95% of the cost of training will be covered by a government grant or your apprenticeship levy funding**. You’ll save money on training costs while retaining a motivated workforce who’ll see the development opportunities in your business.

How long will it take? 

Depending on the qualification and method of delivery the training can take between 1 to 2 years. Often the training for existing employees is through blocked release or online modules.  You commit to supporting the staff member to have the time to complete the training and learn additional skills in new areas.

How we can help

Whether you want to train and upskill existing staff, recruit new staff and apprentices, or a combination of both; we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step. By doing a quick skills gap analysis you can understand what your teams are capable of and the areas where they’re willing to learn – and that is the most important part.

Many employers are investing in apprenticeships for new managers, to help them get the right skills in line with industry standards. In essence, the term 'apprenticeship' is just a word; it is really a highly intensive training and qualification opportunity

*Apprenticeships are assessed against levels, as with all qualifications in the UK, ranging from level 1 to 8. The higher the level, the higher the level of demand required to complete it. 

**If you are a business with an annual salary bill of £3 million or more you’ll pay into the Apprenticeship Levy. Our team provide expert advice and guidance on the most efficient way to get the best return on your Apprenticeship Levy spend. 


  • How to get started

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    Our specialist skills team can provide expert advice and top tips for recruiting and identifying apprenticeship opportunities for your business.