Using apprentices for recruitment

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Apprenticeships are not just a training programme to achieve a qualification. Used as part of a business workforce and development plan they have far reaching long- term benefits.

Employers often struggle to recruit skilled, experienced employees, or identify roles that can increase efficiency and productivity. Add to this an expected churn and staff replacement needs across all sectors, it can become quite a headache to tackle.

What are the benefits?

Recruiting an apprentice can alleviate some of the challenges above and grow your own skilled staff.

Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to diversify your workforce and attract young talent that might not usually consider your industry. They also provide the opportunity for new senior employees to use the transferrable skills they have gained from other sectors whilst training specifically in yours.

With apprenticeship, training starting at Level 2 to Level 7 and incorporating over 700 new apprenticeship standards (job roles) there is something for everyone.

Recruiting a lower level apprentice can develop a pipeline and culture of succession planning in the workforce, by further developing existing staff with higher-level skills to progress their ability and worth to the business also.

Take advantage of the amazing funding opportunities available with at least 95% of their training paid for by the government and take your business forward. 

How we can help 

Our specialist skills team can provide free impartial advice and top tips for recruiting and identifying apprenticeship opportunities for your business. 


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  • Upskilling with an apprenticeship

    Did you know you can use apprenticeship to train and upskill your existing staff with 95% of costs covered by the government?

  • There is still a substantial void when it comes to skills and experience, with the older generation leaving a considerable skills gap in the workforce. My biggest challenges are inspiring interest in further development and work skills, and the ability to attract, create and retain skilled workers and grassroots talent.
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    Elizabeth Uriah-Abrahams
    HR Specialist, P3 Medical