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Are you a business with great ambitions? We can help you scale and grow.

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As a business owner, you’ve got a vision. But are you simply doing what you've always done?

For many businesses, it’s fine to operate within the status quo. But for those with real ambition, it’s often a case of finding the right time or knowing where to start in developing your ideas.
So how can you make that vision a reality?

How we can help

If you're looking to develop new products or technologies or take existing products or services to new customers or markets, you can access FREE expert innovation advice and support through the Innovate2Succeed programme (I2S).

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Our i2s programme focuses on 10 main areas of support: 

Access to Finance

Highlight specific finance options, outline various requirements and provide feedback.

Access to Funding

Gather information on the funding available to you which best suits your eligibility.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Identify and review IP within your business by opting for one of our programmes.

Sales and Marketing

Overcome, understand and develop a competitive sales & marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Review, create and apply the most effective social media for the best engagement.

Design Thinking

Discover insights into your user needs to generate ideas and be on top of your game.

Lean Business

Introduce the most effective and efficient processes for your business.

Innovation in Export

Take on the world by identifying & targetting your export opportunities.

Leadership and Management

Take stock of your senior management team and lead your business to success. 

Entrepreneurial Culture

Develop your organisations culture and encourage new product ideas.


Next steps

Simply enquire about the I2S programme today and one of our innovation experts will be in touch to begin the process with an initial business assessment.

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  • I2S is really challenging, it forces you to focus on your offering and messaging to customers. I would absolutely recommend it, we see I2S as a valuable partner in helping us to deliver on our original concept.
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    Richard Ryan
    Director of gridIMP