Initiative Member

The main objective of the Initiative is to make inner cities places where people would want to live and work and where the private investor would be willing to put their money. Formed in Bristol in 1990, the brief was to bring together the great and the good in all sectors and work out what needed to be done to connect infrastructure, culture, public services, transport and business to make Bristol a better place for its citizens. 

Since then, the Initiative has gone from strength to strength achieving many successes which can be viewed on these pages. We replicated it in Bath and Swindon and today over 270 members spend their time working towards a shared vision. Our members are people with tenacity, flexibility and a readiness to understand other people’s point of view who work towards long-term ambitions for the area as set out in these pages. 

We focus on bringing business and public sector together in partnerships and activities that bring success to our region, providing business leadership on:

  • strategic issues across the region
  • partnerships and stakeholder bodies
  • lobbying and discussion with MPs and Ministers at a national level
  • issues of concern to business that stretch beyond economic issues and cover social and environmental concerns