Bath could be an even greater city - if only we trusted in our talents

Ian Bell
Executive Director of Bath Chamber of Commerce and Initiative | Business West
22nd November 2017

The other day I was listening to one of the many people you regularly hear talking Bath down.

“Nothing ever happens here, The Council is useless, The place is a mess, The Chamber of Commerce never gets anything done”. You know the sort of thing.

I will be honest. Those people, putting it as politely as I can, really get on my nerves. More often than not they only carp from the touchlines, rather than being properly involved in the game.

That’s why I give thanks for members of the Chamber and Initiative, who give their time, effort, enthusiasm and knowledge to making this a better place.

They pass on to me that intelligence and experience they have gathered working locally, regionally, nationally and globally so I can speak confidently and optimistically about Bath.

They know we are far from perfect, but they contribute ideas, start projects and actually deliver things rather than harping on about a golden vision of a hazy past.

Things do happen in Bath. The SouthGate Centre is much admired, the Thermae Spa is an undoubted success and thousands of people come to visit the Holburne Museum from miles around. The thing that links those three? All were mired in controversy, but thankfully there were the people with the guts to see those projects through and we should all give thanks to them.

And the fact that things have happened should encourage us to do still more. That means improving our transport system, building more houses, creating new jobs for our young people.

Our members are 'can do' people. Bath should be a 'can do' sort of place. So here’s my plea. Don't be one of the doom mongers, bring your ideas, get involved in the debate, join the Chamber or Initiative if you like.

We have a lot of talent in this City which understands the wider world and it will serve us well in the future...if we let it.

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