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Wiltshire is as famous for ancient monuments such as Stonehenge, as it is world-leading innovative businesses such as Dyson.

Wiltshire Chamber of Commerce connects businesses from across the county  and works in  partnership with charities, the public sector and Government to help your grow your business and stimulate local economic growth.

Under the directorship of Ian Larrard, who is also Director of the Swindon Initiative, Governor of Swindon College and Chair of Swindon BID, Wiltshire’s businesses are brought together to collaborate and profit from sharing knowledge, goods and services.

Wiltshire Chamber members enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • Raise your profile online, in the press and among your peers
  • Opportunities to find new business and advance your sales pipeline
  • Network with experienced and influential business leaders in the local area and beyond
  • Have your views represented at a local and national level to decision makers who listen
  • Gain preferential access to training, advice and support services to help your business grow

Plus, as part of Business West, Wiltshire Chamber provides a local access point to government funding, business services and support, as well as other business opportunities available via your fellow members.

Check out the members' area to view the members' directory, latest tenders and business opportunities, events and news from the local business community. 

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For those of you that have time to read the press, you will have seen the UK is under attack from Russian cyber activists. In reality, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been warning about...
Kevin Borley
Posted on: 23.04.18
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South West business - an update from the Bank of England

As the Bank of England’s Agent for the South West I spend a lot of time speaking to the businesses that are based here to try to understand what is really happening in the economy. What have my...
Donna Kehoe
Donna Kehoe
Posted on: 04.04.18
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Business West launches ‘No More Not Spots’ campaign

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Kye Parkin
Kye Parkin
Posted on: 04.04.18
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