Swindon 2050: Commission starts work on town’s long-term economic future

Amy Drummond
Senior Communications Manager | Business West
21st November 2023

The Swindon Futures Commission, a project led by experts across business, politics and the community, has started work on a 2050 vision for the town. The group will gather evidence, analyse, and propose solutions to vital issues affecting Swindon’s economic performance and future trajectory. The Commission, which will publish its report in early 2024, aims to pave the way for future growth and investment.

The 12 Commissioners have experience spanning urban research, development, diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainability, and finance. They are led by Martin Boddy, Emeritus Professor of Urban and Regional Studies at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, and the project was initiated by Business West. The Commission has secured cross-party political support and is working closely with the Borough Council – it is independent and is not politically aligned. 

 You can find out more on the Swindon Futures Commission website.

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