Bristol Clean Air Zone – tell us your views

Bristol Clean Air Zone – tell us your views

Air pollution has been a problem in Bristol and many UK cities for a long time. It affects everyone, in particular the young and old, and those with heart and lung conditions such as asthma. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), caused mostly by vehicles, is above legal standards in central Bristol.

Bristol City Council (BCC) is under a legal duty to reduce pollution ensuring the city’s air quality meets legal limits of air pollution in the shortest possible time, and in 2019 proposed a Diesel Ban to tackle clean air, but this was ultimately rejected by central government. Work has been going on between the Council and the government’s Joint Air Quality Unit since then 

After consultations in 2020 and 2021 they have decided to implement a scheme that charges drivers of the most polluting vehicles to enter the zone within Central Bristol via a Clean Air Zone (CAZ). The final map demarking the boundaries of the CAZ is above.

The scheme will be operational from Monday 28th November 2022 to ensure air pollution levels come down to below legal limits. This date has been confirmed by BCC, having been postponed previously.

Business West Chambers & Initiative recognise and support the need to tackle and improve air quality and we actively engaged with the consultations representing employers and businesses across the region to ensure the final proposals agreed are workable as possible and balance the needs of the city economically, environmentally and socially.

To support the transition Business West provided evidence and feedback to ensure BCC secured as much financial support to help businesses upgrade their vehicles and manage the financial burden of the CAZ. Business West has enquired with BCC as to how many applications have been made for financial support from the business community, and how much has been awarded. When we receive this information we will update this page.

We would encourage any businesses that are eligible for financial support and who haven’t yet applied to do so without delay: and applications for an exemption have been extended until the end of March 2023 here:

In advance of the go live date BCC are running a final information webinar for businesses next week (2nd November) and we will make available a recording shortly thereafter. The sign up link for that event is:

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