Trading Through Brexit

To help you to trade successfully into 2021, Matt Griffith, Policy Director at Business West, and a team of experienced international trade experts, address the biggest issues businesses are facing. With our extensive knowledge, reputation and first-class service in facilitating international trade and policy we are well positioned to help businesses in the UK over the coming year.

Our award-winning Trading Through Brexit service has helped 1000s of businesses over the last two years; addressing their biggest issues related to leaving the EU. 

As the EU transition period comes to a close, we’re aware of the challenges businesses face.

Our policy team, led by Matt Griffith, together with experts in our award-winning International Trade team and specialist partners, continue to offer clear guidance and information via this hub, through valuable content and vital services that can help businesses most impacted. 

Whilst we aim to have a broad understanding of what Brexit will mean for all sectors, our primary focuses relate to those issues that we see as most affected by Brexit and where we have most expertise. These include changes to Import and Export paperwork; identification and research into new markets; logistics and tariffs; standards and regulations; workforce and employment. 

However, if your business is facing a particular issue or obstacle that is not addressed through official government guidance or via our directory of information, please get in touch.  

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  • The support & info provided by Business West has been very useful, without this we would be completely in the dark.
    Stephen Thurgood-Perry, Air Control Industries Ltd