Bristol start-up Podshare using smart vehicles to reduce CO2 environmental impact

Podshare works with local producers, delivering and selling goods, up to 120kg at a time, across Bristol. Providing innovative and unforgettable transport solutions which reduce the amount of CO2 and expenditure needed to move goods from A to B, the Podshare service is unique.

After working for Bentley, Ginetta and a transport engineering consultancy, founder Guy Barkley spotted an opportunity in the marketplace and jumped on it. Guy had experience managing large projects, having founded and managed TBRe, Bath University’s electric racing car, overseeing a £55,000 budget and a team of 25 engineers. The TBRe project was government funded and also received innovation grant funding from the University of Bath. Selecting a team of engineering graduate students, Guy started looking for how to make his business idea a reality.

While searching online, Guy found Business West and contacted the team to discuss his plans. Working closely with Guy and his team, Business West have helped Guy plan for and successfully launch his business and will continue to provide support into the future as the business grows and develops.

Based in St Werburgh’s, the Podshare vehicles are unique and smart; with GPS tracking, Wi-Fi and 300 LEDs operated via a custom built mobile phone app. Customers can also use the mobile phone app to see exactly where the vehicles are in real time and, more importantly, what goods are available. If a customer sees something they like, they can call it to their specified location and the Podshare rider will bring the vehicle to you - you can even order a coffee!

 “Owning a business is a rollercoaster, with the highs and lows of life exaggerated. Get your product or service out into the ether ASAP, as you are guaranteed to be wrong about lots of things and the sooner you find out why, the better. Also, be disciplined. It’s amazing what you can get done before 9am.”- Guy Barkley, Podshare

Find out more about Podshare here.

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