Glow in the dark tent business set to be a festival success

As the head of an engineering research and development company, Ben Walters is always coming across fantastic new business ideas, the latest of which has lead him to develop a product perfect for the upcoming UK festival season.

Gorilla Tents emerged from the discovery of a new purpose for fluorescent dye. By embedding the dye into tent fabric during the manufacturing process, Ben created a tent that can easily be located by shining a UV light into the fabric. In the dark early hours of the morning, festival party people can easily find their tent in a sea of others, as it will literally glow in the dark. Combining this innovative and highly useful idea with a unique design, Ben knew that he had a great product on his hands; he just needed help to protect his design and decide on the best route to market.

Ben had turned to Business West for advice in the past and knew that he could pick up the phone and speak to a friendly business adviser to help him with his new business. Ben worked closely with business adviser Alyson Eyval, who helped him to trademark his logo, register the design of the tents and consider patents for the business.

Speaking of the support he received from Business West, Ben said:

“As a start-up company, it is very reassuring to have the support of Business West, I know if I need to ask for any level of help someone will always be there to give our company the very best chance of success.” - Ben Walters, Gorilla Tents

Gorilla Tents have already created a future business model that includes employing several staff to run the operational side of the company while leaving further product development and new business opportunities to Ben and the other directors.

The business is also already looking at other offices outside of the UK to tap into markets that buy tents throughout the year, as the UK festival season only lasts for five months of the year. This is something they hope to explore if the product sells well during the 2017 festival season.

Find out more about Gorilla Tents.

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