Content Etiquette & Guest Blogging Guidelines

The purpose of the Business West blog is to share high quality content that aims to educate, inspire and inform businesses - in the spirit of sharing knowledge and good practice. 

Contributing an article is a great way to share your expertise with a large business community, position yourself as an authority in your industry and send traffic back to your own website. 

Our content team are always keen to publish high quality guest posts. If you’re an excellent writer and have an idea for an article that you think would appeal to our business audience please read the information below.

What we’re looking for

To ensure that the quality of content on our blog is maintained we will only accept articles that are timely, relevant and valuable to our business audience. Although we cover a broad range of business topics we’re particularly interested in content that relates to starting a business, export and business innovation.

Ideally you're an established, credible blogger; an 'expert' in your field of expertise. However, we will consider novice bloggers providing the piece is well-written and well-researched, original, topical and relevant. Sales pieces and press releases are not accepted.

Guidelines for submitting to Business West

Following guidance below will give you a much stronger chance of being featured on our blog:

  • Posts should be between 600 and 2000 words
  • All submissions must be completely original and never before published on other websites
  • We are looking for detailed content that provides actionable advice  
  • Images should comply with copyright or usage restrictions, permission for use should be obtained and the source should be cited
  • Please resize your feature images to a maximum of 750 pixels wide and 322px high. Other images must be a maximum of 750 pixels wide
  • Links in a post are welcome, but must be non-promotional and relevant to the post 

What we won't accept

If you’d like to see your content on our blog, avoid creating content that is:

  • Too similar to blogs that we already have on the site
  • Thin content which provides little value
  • Promoting your company or organization, services and products
  • Misleading or inaccurate
  • Defamatory or excessively negative 

How to submit your content

If you’d like to submit an article for review or discuss a content idea with us please get in touch through our contact form.

We'll endeavour to reply to you with in a week of your message.

Content ownership

By contributing content to websites owned by Business West you are granting us a license to this content. Business West retains the right to decline or take a post down; and may need to edit a post where appropriate

About the editing process

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed but may not be published. Our blog is not a sales channel, therefore sales focused and advertorial style content will not be accepted. 

We retain the right to decline or take a post down, edit a post where appropriate and include links to our own services or content when relevant.

  • Contribute an article

    If you'd like to feature on our blog please get in touch with us through our contact form