Goods Movement Reference (GMR)

GMR Goods Movement Reference Service business west

Using the ChamberCustoms software, Business West can now generate Goods Movement References (GMRs) on your behalf, for all GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) ports in the UK.

GMRs are now used at most major ports in the UK, including Dover, Eurotunnel and Holyhead, and link either your customs declaration or Carnet to your vehicle when travelling overseas.  As a result, this has become a fundamental document when taking goods abroad, and avoids any lengthy delays or issues being stuck at the border.

Business West can take the hassle out of generating this document, and swiftly provide you with a valid GMR to use at the border.

To acquire your GMR:

  • Business West charge £25.00 per GMR entry.
  • If you are interested in getting a GMR please email with the following details and we can get you on your way over the border: 

  1. Is your GMR required for an inbound or outbound journey?
  2. Which ports are being used for the crossing?
  3. Date & Time of crossing?
  4. Vehicle registration?
  5. Reference of the document you wish to link to the GMR? 
    (For import declarations, this is the MRN // For export declarations, you link the DUCR // For Carnets, link the last five digits of the reference number)
  • Business West as your Customs Agent

    Business West delivers a Customs Declaration service for UK importers and exporters, of all sizes, in every region of the United Kingdom. If you’re interested in finding out more about how the ChamberCustoms service can work for your business please click on this link.

  • I’d like to say a big thank you to Business West’s Customs Declarations team. A few weeks ago, I could not find any agent to make my import declaration for an order placed with our Italian supplier. The team offered me its services and made my life 100% easier. I highly recommend them.
    Corinne Sarkissian
    Leafield Environmental
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