ATA Carnet FAQs

1. What is an ATA Carnet?

2. Why should I apply for an ATA Carnet?

3. How do I apply for an ATA Carnet?

4. How do I use an ATA Carnet?

5. Where can an ATA Carnet be used?

6. How much does an ATA Carnet cost?

7. What types of security are there?

8. What comes under commercial samples?

9. What comes under goods intended for trade shows and exhibitions?

10. What comes under professional equipment?

11. What is the National Carnet Unit (NCU)?

12. Do I need an ATA Carnet to travel with my goods in the EU?

13. What information do I need when applying for an ATA Carnet?

14. What are the requirements for my specific country/countries that I am travelling to?

15. What are the costs from any issues that arise from my application?

16. What is the Carnet security and what are my options? 

17. How do I use my itinerary to know what my exits, visits and transits will be? 

18. What are the ATA Carnet requirements for the EU?

19. Can I put consumables on my ATA Carnet? 

20. Can I authorise someone to apply for and use an ATA Carnet on my behalf? 

21. Can a foreign company supervise my goods when they are abroad? 

22. Am I allowed to take different goods to different countries with an ATA Carnet? (Partial exports) 

23. Can controlled or dual-use goods be taken on an ATA Carnet? 

24. What are the requirements for different goods? 

25. How do I get the best value for money with my ATA Carnet? 

26. Can my ATA Carnet be emailed to me? 

27. What ports/customs offices can I go to for processing my ATA Carnet? 

28. How long can I stay in the country I am visiting? 

29. Can I add extra items to my ATA Carnet?

30. I have used up all my vouchers; how can I get more? 

31. What should I do if my goods are going via a non-inventory linked port? 

32. What should I do if my goods are going via an inventory linked port? 

33. My ATA Carnet expiration date is approaching, can it be extended? 

34. What do I do if I lose my ATA Carnet? 

35. What if my goods are damaged, lost or stolen whilst abroad? 

36. What should I do with the ATA Carnet once I have finished using it? 

37. What happens if I lose my ATA Carnet after my travels? 

38. What happens if my ATA Carnet is not stamped when coming back into the UK? 

39. Is an ATA Carnet required to temporarily export goods to Northern Ireland?

40. What is a GMR/Goods Movement Reference?

41. What is a Certificate of Location and when do I need one?

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    Pamela Munro
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