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Value Xd is a cutting edge and unique cloud-based analytics platform with ground-breaking analytical technology, modules and applications. Unlike any other software, Value Xd reinterprets and covers the entire analytical value chain within its own technology, from data creation and import to modelling and analysis, from modelling to projections, from presentations to live simulations, from teamwork to sharing and publishing.

Cooperation and collaboration have become ever more necessary to ensure productivity and value creation and exchange. All private and public institutions are facing the necessity to reinvent their internal and external communications and the architecture through which they build and deploy their intelligence.

Value Xd is the ideal analytics platform for the new digital age. It enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in the analytical process and value chain of organisations and institutions, and it does so through six unique features:

  1. It is an entire ecosystem in the cloud that enables and allows the live sharing of dynamic models, data, and outputs
  2. It is an actual modelling platform where models and equations are written in actual mathematical language, creating a seamless interface with relevant theoretical knowledge
  3. It is a data aggregator that allows the import, upload, and input of data, while interfacing with two very unique data providers for global micro and macro data - Bloomberg DL and IMF,
  4. It offers unprecedented capabilities for live simulation of outputs and scenarios, before and during live presentations, thus transforming the entire matric of what is possible during presentations.
  5. It provides an entire library of dynamic dashboards which can be described as a ‘Wikipedia’ of readymade dynamic models, allowing users to access a treasure chest of mathematical knowledge in a diverse set of disciplines
  6. It provides a unique user activity admin interface that allows the monitoring and assessment of users’ work and performance, allowing the identification of the sources of organisational intelligence in the user base.

What are you most looking forward to about the initiative?

We are looking for strategic partners and clients in the US and in SE Asia.

We have launched our Box Editions for different market segments they are:

  • Value Xd Science: An analytical ecosystem for open science and education - #Edtech
  • Value Xd Impact: An analytical ecosystem for sustainable impact investing - #Fintech
  • Value Xd Corporate: An analytical ecosystem for business management and reporting - #Biztech
  • Value Xd State: An analytical ecosystem for public data management and reporting - #Govtech
  • Our SaaS edition is still in development and will be launched sometime in 2021/2.
  • Value Xd Planet: An analytical ecosystem for individual globally for collective intelligence creation and sharing

Meet the team

Armen Papazian, Founder and CEO

Armen V. Papazian is the founder and CEO of Value Xd Ltd, a cutting edge and unique cloud-based analytics platform with groundbreaking analytical technology, modules and applications. Value Xd was recently listed as one of the Top 33 UK Tech Startups by Tech Nation.

A financial economist by training, Armen is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years experience in finance and academia. Prior to founding Value Xd, Armen established Keipr, a boutique financial modelling and consulting firm. Armen was an Executive Director at UBS AG, and a former Managing Director of Innovation and Development at Nasdaq Dubai (DIFX), where he led the launch of the Middle East’s first Structured Products platform with Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. Furthermore, he played an integral role in the creation of the region’s first tradeable fixed income indices with HSBC as well as the first fungible dual listing with a US exchange in the region.

He is the author of numerous publications and his innovative financial value model, Space Value Optimisation, was shortlisted as a finalist in the Finance for the Future Awards in 2016. Previously, he held the honorary position of Fellow and Research Associate at the Cambridge University Judge Business School where he also earned his PhD in Financial Economics.


Aleksandr Grigoryan, Founder and CTO

Alex Grigoryan is a software engineer and technology leader who has built a demonstrable career in developing innovative products and platforms. Pursuing a career in industry immediately after his degree in Computer Science, he is a seasoned technical entrepreneur with twenty years of experience and a track record of successful and innovative software projects and companies in his past and present portfolio.

He is currently a founder, director, and Chief Technology Officer of Value Xd Ltd, and its incubator and majority shareholder Finoptek Ltd. Value Xd is a cloud-based analytics platform that has been in development for five years. It is a revolutionary technology that introduces unique tools into the analytical value chain and transforms the way we do analytics. Value Xd was selected as one of top 33 UK Tech Startups in 2019, and ranked 14th in the Top 50 South West Tech Innovation listing in June 2020, and was recently shortlisted for the Best Sustainable Tech Award by the South West Tech Awards in October 2020.

Alex is also the Vice President for Technology at AM-PG group, where he oversees the technology and software aspects of Vero Code, which is a unique track and trace technology. Vero Code is a highly secure supply chain management platform that creates and manages unique codes that protect products with high-level encryption. Vero code has received a number of innovation awards in Austria and UAE.

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