London Amazon Seller Meetup – 5th November 2018

Prabhat Shah
Trainer | Online Seller UK
8th November 2018
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Another great London Amazon Seller Meetup on the 5th November 2018, with lots of informative talks and a great turnout! We had over 60 businesses in attendance. Topics covered Amazon Advertising best practices for the holiday season, ERP and selling on Amazon Japan.

Thanks to our sponsor and our brilliant host We had a great turnout, with 60+ businesses in attendance.

The talks…

Amazon Advertising Best Practices for the Holiday Season – Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK
The holiday season is fast approaching, and the time we should all be ramping up our advertising. Prabhat shared with us some instantly actionable tips on improving your Amazon Advertising to boost sales this holiday season!

How ERP can help you make key business decisions – Jason Thickpenny, Khaoscontrol Cloud
Jason discussed how having an ERP solution in place can help online sellers make better and more informed business decisions, and why you should consider an ERP solution.

Should you be selling on Amazon Japan? – John Cant,
John talked up through why and how to sell on Amazon Japan, discussing what products sell well, disadvantages and advantages.

Meetups and events like this help online sellers learn new things about the industry that they can apply instantly to their businesses. You also get the chance to meet with other online sellers and industry experts who share their experiences and advice. Be sure to check out future events, they are free to attend and packed full of knowledge!

Alongside Meetups, we host a series of Amazon training courses.

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