Why ATOL Protection matters when booking travel

Beneditta Mcmanus
New Buisness And Operations Manager | Keeva Travel Ltd
27th February 2024

For many travellers ATOL Protection is still that confusing product that they don’t fully understand therefore do not seek to utilise each and every time they book a flight and accommodation. Not only is it convenient to book both of these travel elements together and benefit from cost savings and discounts that are often offered for packaged bookings, it can also offer you peace of mind knowing the booking is protected.

ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser's License protection. This is a financial protection scheme that safeguards travellers in the event of certain unforeseen circumstances. ATOL was introduced by the UK Civil Aviation Authority in 1973, as the popularity of overseas trips grew. When you book a package holiday that includes flights and accommodation from a UK travel company, the ATOL scheme ensures that you are protected against the financial failure of the travel company. With very little regulation within the travel sector, ATOL Protection is your strongest recourse if something should go wrong with your booking, other than the legal route which can be costly, stressful, and time consuming. Whilst travel insurance should always be in place ahead of making any travel plans, there can often be barriers to claiming under this policy with the expectation typically being that you seek recourse from the Travel Company in the first instance to make you whole.

Should the company you booked your travel through go out of business or ceases trading before your trip, you are entitled to a refund for the flights and accommodations included in your package. Even if you are already on holiday and the travel company collapses, ATOL protection ensures that you can return home without additional costs. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of ATOL protection as the travel industry faced unprecedented disruptions worldwide, leading to cancellations and travel restrictions. In such uncertain times, having ATOL protection provided travellers with a safety net, offering refunds and assistance for rearranging travel plans.

By booking your travel as a package, you not only simplify the planning process but also gain valuable protection against unforeseen circumstances. Whether it's a flight delay, hotel closure, or the financial collapse of a travel company, ATOL protection ensures that the funds paid are safeguarded and that you are supported in a disruption situation.

When next planning your dream vacation, consider the power of booking a package deal with ATOL protection. Booking your flight and later booking your accommodation would not amount as a package booking regardless of the fact that you have booked both with the same Travel Company. Having ATOL Protection offers piece of mind knowing your booking is secure, and your journey is protected every step of the way.

Travel smart, travel safe, and let ATOL protection be your trusted travel companion.

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